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The PACExam

The PACExam (Personality, Ambition and Character Exam) was designed with the concept that every individual has a unique personality that is conducive to a different area of the business world. This test evaluates one’s personality in relation to four business – focused personality categories: Sales, Marketing and Advertising, Operations and Research.

Tips to Success

As a way to contribute to the community, the PACE Group periodically releases original publications on varying business topics such as customer service tips, interviewing suggestions, valuable observations, etc. Here is a sampling of our latest articles, success stories, executive search case studies, press releases, and additional client and candidate material.

The PACE Promise

We have a simple approach to customer service. We want you to be thrilled with the work we perform for you. If that isn’t the case, we’ll make it right. If our efforts to correct any dissatisfaction doesn’t measure up, you will owe us nothing. That’s the PACE Promise.