Wanda Sullivan, Vice President

Wanda Sullivan is Vice President for The PACE Group, a role she has earned through her strong history of providing clients with excellent service. She has been a member of the PACE Group for five years, and she has managed searches nationally in Michigan, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Ohio, Mississippi, and internationally in the United States Virgin Islands. Customers have said about Wanda that they especially appreciate her attention to detail, organization, and follow-thru. Wanda’s previous career was in English online development and instruction. This experience has helped her to effectively articulate ideas to candidates and customers, alike.  Excellent communication and research skills enhance her relationships with colleagues and clients and allow her to develop a strong understanding of her clients’ community and business culture. Wanda received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in English from the University of Mississippi. She currently resides in Tupelo, MS, but loves traveling to meet with clients at their home base and seeing the local offerings of their region.