Anthony Michelic, President

Anthony Michelic is President for The PACE group. He has been a member of The PACE Group for five years and brings over ten years of experience growing employee and volunteer management teams to be their absolute best. He leans on his philosophy of excellence, integrity, and honesty to build and refine processes and teams of people to do Anthony Michelicoutstanding work. His reputation for leadership has taken him through many experiences including responsibility for creating and implementing long-term employee training programs, workforce management for over 300 employees across four companies simultaneously, and as the National Director of Operations at one of America’s leading Retail Recruitment Firms.

Anthony has spent his career focusing on leaving people, companies, and cities better than when he arrived to or met them. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Southwest in Hobbs, New Mexico, he immediately began finding ways to connect people and organizations to one another. His background includes locating retail to communities, linking local businesses with their consumers, and facilitating cooperation between city administrations and the private sector to increase public well-being.

Anthony has worked for clients in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Alabama, and Tennessee. He has been a keynote speaker to local  chambers of commerce as well as state economic development executive conferences throughout the country. He is passionate about helping communities and individuals thrive. Working with many states and cities in the country has given Anthony a unique perspective on the diversity of individual communities and the belief that what is needed in each is never “one size fits all.”